Cloud_ComplianceConceptsCloud’s innovative CloudCompliance tool is a user-friendly web based portal software solution which offers its clients an easy, affordable way to prove they are in compliance with the standards and regulations of the industry they service.

By setting up activities consisting of work flow-enabled tasks to track completion and pass/fail with audit trails, ConceptsCloud’s clients can provide auditors with timely reports generated from within the tool which will eliminate numerous man hours typically required for audit preparation. Once the events are tracked, they cannot be tampered with, destroyed, or in any way altered. In addition, CloudCompliance can be used to organize and maintain critical documents for immediate access as it relates to the company work flow. ConceptsCloud is excited to be the first and only cloud service provider to introduce this amazing tool to improve its clients’ day-to-day work experience.

It is recommended that an internal discussion be conducted with the organization’s industry compliance expert, CEO or other relevant executive, and the designated user group who will facilitate the system. The discussion should be geared toward developing a flowchart consisting of the tasks, activities, and actions as it fits into the organization’s work flow and audit requirements. Once completed, the flowchart can be used as a road map to take the next step by turning it into a foolproof process within the CloudCompliance tool.

Once your CloudCompliance administrator has set up the organization’s users, roles, and permissions, you will be ready to take the flowchart road map and begin creating activities. An activity in CloudCompliance is a collection of tasks designed to be assigned to users for completion, whether it is an activity outside of the system, uploading a document or completing an online form.

When the task is complete, the users will close the task and may have the option of selecting pass or fail based on how the task is defined. CloudCompliance’s work flow will automatically assign the next task in the activity until all of the tasks are complete. Once complete, all of the task information is available in detailed audit reports that can be viewed online or exported as PDF documents or spreadsheets.

ConceptsCloud is determined to stay at the top of the cloud computing industry by designing innovative and unique solutions to provide its clients with the means to improve their day-to-day work flow and relieve them of the pains and stress of complex manual processes while not impacting their bottom line. CloudCompliance is one of those tools which will prove itself as an invaluable to its clients. For further information, please contact ConceptsCloud’s professional support.